Kenya is Ours

We live in a wonderful country. The warmness and the wildness are like no other. A trip to the highlands is worth as much as one to our beaches. We live in a country strengthened by diversity. From the lake all the way to the coast. There is nowhere else I would rather be. Yet … Continue reading Kenya is Ours


Creatures of the Night

I think this life is hard without assistance from others. Rupaul Like all the Nairobi patriots out there I find myself near the last building on Luthuli Street. Today is one of those days I had it rough with my boss. Putting in extra hours at my place of work is one of those things … Continue reading Creatures of the Night

Hope in Pain

There is this story that was aired on NTV sometime this week. The story’s title was Hope in Pain. On this, I really need to appreciate journalists for allowing Kenyans to see what happens beyond their comfort zones. The things Trevor and other like-minded journalists do for this country cannot be quantified. Even my slow … Continue reading Hope in Pain

Be Your Own Boss

So I was watching this KISS LIVE session on my small television. Don’t hate on it yet it as a lot to teach. There’s this jam by Mr. Eazi “sample you” showing me some great steaks. Ladies really work this world in ways they cannot imagine. Even Beyoncé is a true believer. But hey, man … Continue reading Be Your Own Boss